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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What I want to write about….

I don’t know what topic is good to talk or write about at this moment, but let me talk about or write about my childhood, the part of my life in which I have really enjoyed. It is my favorite part of my life that I always and love to reminisce.

My childhood life was just a simple life of a little child who loves to eat, play and sleep. But what I really love in that part of my life was the care, attention and mostly the love I received from those people in my life at that moment, and one of them is my grandma, whom I called Mommy Chie.

Mommy Chie was my ever-loving grandmother. The mother of my mom and the person who really cared for me in this part of my life, for the reason that both of my parents were still working at that time. I really enjoyed being with her. And one of the things that I’ll never forget on her was her ways and the food that she cooked for me. She also helped me in my studies and loves to fetch me at school. Those are my happy memories with her. But when she got ill and then eventually died, I really cried a lot. I never played nor ate regular at that time of her wake. I really felt bad and mourned about her lost but when I would always look back at the times we had, I was very happy.

And that’s my childhood, a part of my child life, mostly with my grandma, Mommy Chie. This part of my life was really worth remembering.

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