... this world. The world that has been a big treasure chest for me. A treasure chest filled with all things inside, either be good or bad, either useful or useless. And in this blog, I will talk about them, tackle them and write about them from my own understanding and perspective... hope you'll like it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

He calls...

A little lad I was,

and serving at the Mass was my favorite task.

Never thinking of my future was,

just letting the work of His mighty hands.

As I grew and continue this task,

God’s mighty hands were still at its work

on my life.

But one day,

a shift He made in my life,

calling me to follow His very path.

And upon responding to his call,

I find myself with I the seminary walls.

He calls.

I respond.

And in this place I was fond.

Now thanking Him for His guiding hands,

That made me chose this rightful path.

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