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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Look back

Three years have already passed after my high school. And as this academic year start, I want to have a look back, into another chapter of my life, my high school life.

According to a song of Sharon Cuneta, “… oh! My high school, kay saya…” it depicts how her high school life was.

And as I have this look back, I would attest to it, basing it from my high school experiences. High school, for me, was really happy and joyful like what she had mentioned or even more, but it also became daring as I went higher every year. At times, it became gloomy because of the pains and sorrows that it brought into me. It was also the part of my life that was filled with so much growth, in terms of maturity; in knowledge as a preparation for higher education, and also losses, in those childish acts I still had. But what really is worth remembering in that part of my life was the FRIENDSHIP – the bond I was able to develop among my co-students and some of my teachers. And that FRIENDSHIP I have acquired and nourished during those times was quite admirable, because of the bond that developed among us, after becoming classmates for 4 consecutive years (I was in section 1 of my whole high school days, that’s why, the set of my classmates that I had underwent minimal changes, some remained and some transferred to other section). And for the reason of our friendship, I trekked high school life not leaving just a pair of footprints, but instead a number of them. I walked through the bitter valleys and smooth plains of it not alone but with hands and comrades accompanying me, by helps and cheers given by those close to me.

As the years went by, fourth year came and graduation is at its peak, our FRIENDSHIP became stronger and turned out into a BROTHERHOOD. And on graduation day, goodbyes are then said. For each have already chosen a path to take, but still BROTHERHOOD will last.

“ To all my classmates and teachers at San Antonio National High School, THANK YOU. It was great having you in my life. I will never forget what we shared together.”

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