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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Reason Why I Write

After 8 years that I started writing poems and essays that compose of reflections, reactions or just a sprout of an idea or inspiration, it was my first time to encounter a question given by Fr. Joel, sdb in our Creative Writing class. and the question was... Why do I write? That was really a question to be answered not as a compliance to the subject, but also to give reasons to what I've been doing for the past 8 years of my life. And also to give reason to my works before and until the future.

Why do I write?

Writing means a lot and serves a lot. Someone writes to inform, others to communicate and for some to entertain. But for me, I write for me to bring out that sleeping being with in me. The being that some people don't know about and they don't see on my daily interactions. And that being is the creative, imaginative and playful me. Its no monster but only a being, a serene being that is just underlying this external appearance of mine. Even if that being is not a monster or a hideous beast, it sometimes becomes uncontrollable when I am in anger, hatred or sad but tamable when I'm happy, contented or in love. That being also brings me, to my ideal world, to the world I think of,or even dream of. That was such a being who helps me in writing such poems and essays.

To sum it all up, I write... to express myself, to let out that emotions with in me. And also to feel contentment and happiness on myself as I like to my works. And I also write to entertain to make somebody glad. And that's my reason why I write.


aries_arevalo_ax said...
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Fr. Joel, SDB said...

Your piece is a profound reflection although there is still a lot to be desired with regard to your mastery of the grammar of the English language. Be meticulous with regard to the subject-verb agreement, contractions, and the parallelism of words and phrases. Know when to use a noun or an adjective. Use the ellipsis (...) sparingly.

Your opening statement could be reworded as: "After eight years since I started writing poems and essays as expressions of my reflections, reactions or flashes of ideas and inspiration, it was my first time..."