... this world. The world that has been a big treasure chest for me. A treasure chest filled with all things inside, either be good or bad, either useful or useless. And in this blog, I will talk about them, tackle them and write about them from my own understanding and perspective... hope you'll like it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The end

Light shines out
in a huge white room,
filled with cries and murmurs
of the people around my sight.

In my front,
lamenting people were gathered,
encircling a white-colored

So I stood to see
who's inside?
I saw my grandma
asleep so tight.

I asked my mom,
"Is she dead?"
She did not utter
but nod her head.

Seeing this,
I stopped for a while.
Then tears flowed
from my eyes,
telling myself,
"Death has put my grandma
into the end."

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