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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An Interview to a friend

The Voice that calls within…

Seminary is a place where future clergies are formed. This is place for discerning God’s call. It is house for some people. And for some it is a piece of heaven here on earth. But why some people enter the seminary? This is a common question for all. So to have an answer to that question and some other questions, I interviewed a seminarian from Don Bosco College Seminary Canlubang.

Our interviewee has graduated from Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati. He is a former Don Bosco Youth Center member in the same school. He is fond of playing basketball, soccer and mostly billiards. He was a former soccer player of Don Bosco Technical Institute. He is now in the seminary as a junior seminarian. And he is Ryan Lorenzo Singson.

I interviewed him about his life in the seminary and asked some questions about it. I asked him, “Why did you enter the seminary?” He answered it with a smile on his face and said, “I believe that I entered the seminary for a purpose, but for some the reason is not acceptable.” He stopped and added, “Like a child, I’m here to fulfill my dreams. A dream to be a superhero; to save souls.” Then I asked him about his motivation his to enter the seminary. He said that at first, he just want to fulfill his dreams but realizing it’s not enough and not accepted by some. He continued to enter the seminary. Now he is more motivated by the companionship of the other seminarians because even though there were hardships, he was able to surpass it with the aid of his batch mate and fellow seminarians. After that question, I asked him, “Are you decided to finish this journey?” Then he thinks and answered, “No, by now I’m not decided, that’s why I’m here to discern. But for me, I would really like to finish this journey of priesthood.” My next question, “how do you find the seminary?” He answered it with gladness and then told me that it was great, he enjoyed in there even if there are lot of hardships, he like in the seminary. Then I ended my interview with this question, “What is your message for those who want to enter the seminary?” He think of it silently and said,” Follow your dreams, listen to what your heart says.” Then quoted a line from a song saying, “Follow the voice that calls within…” And concluded by these words,” The only thing that matter is following your heart and eventually you’ll get it right.” With that we I end the interview.

It is really good to know what make a person decide to enter the seminary. And I hope with those answers of that seminarian, you were inspired. And then someday, you are also sharing those words to other person. Or might be answering those question with a great smile in your heart.

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