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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

As silence fills me

It was the most silent part of my life,

As my family and I traveled the road

that leads to a new site.

With my things placed in such bags,

And questioning my self,

“What’s with our stillness?”

My mom was quite.

My dad stares at the road serenely,

And me, at the back of the car,

filled with questions and silence.

I do not know why,

I do not know what.

Only one thing I knew and felt

this will be regretful.

As silence filled the car,

we continued this journey,

ending up in front of a wide gate,

through a place surrounded by walls.

And passing through this gate we did,

as new faces went to meet us and greet.

Took and carried my belongings

to lead me into my new dwelling.

Silence was still in me as I explore this very place,

But a word shattered that ear-breaking stillness,

and brought me much sadness.

“Goodbye”, my mom uttered

as tears fell from her weary eyes,

while giving an embrace as sweet as her lullaby,

for now I take the seminary as my new life,

and taking it entails a sweet GOODBYE.

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aries_arevalo_ax said...

Try to use better, simpler words, try not to reuse the same words, but you can substitute them with images. That's all I can suggest with your future poems if it would be narratives, or else you would be better off writing in prose. No offense. From your brother,