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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Will of God

“Your will be done…” this are the words that Jesus the Christ said during his agony in the garden of Gethsemane. He leaves everything to God the Father. With those words he is willing to obey His Father’s will. Due to that obedience and trust he suffered and died on the cross for our sake. With that gospel, I can say that the will of God is a very thing to find and follow. It is the only thing that would make us happy in this world. You, have you let the will of God to work on your life?

It is really hard to find and follow God’s will for us due to many distractions and sometimes options to choose in our world today. But it will make us happy and contented when we are able to find it and follow it. It is God’s grace for us to follow it. And with that will you will know your purpose on this world. But as you find it, you are going to have many test, difficulties and trials that might move you not to follow it. And the good thing is to overcome them not alone rather with the help form God. With that will you can do anything under his grace, you can overcome everything and fulfill them with great joy. That’s how God work for all of us and that’s how to work with the will of God.

As a seminarian, I may say that his will is the one of my power and strength to stay and persevere in my vocation. Although I have my family, friends, batch mates and formators, God is my best companion in this journey, so following his will would make fulfill this dream. And in his will, I’m happy and contented even there are so many struggles, difficulties and fears to overcome. Now I’m three years here in seminary and I’m really happy and strong working with His will.

“Not as I will, but your will be done…” beautiful words from the Christ whom He made first and then being transferred to us. Now let us make this beautiful word from Him also be beautiful for us. These are the words that we should always remember in times of problems or even in our decisions. These words should be in each one of because in Him, everything has meaning.

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