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Sunday, March 16, 2008


This very day, I lost a person in my life. My dad called me this afternoon saying that my Lola (Grandma) Doray died. Her real name was Teodora San Pascual, my grandmother from my father’s side. She was the aunt of my dad, and as I can recall, I grew up some of my childhood in her midst, when we were still living near them. Well, I really loved her so much, just like my own grandparents. I still remember when she was still alive and strong, how she would let me in her house and in her little store, wherein she would always offer or give me something in return of my visit to her. I really missed her much, for when I grew up already and my parents decided to transfer from them, I had little chances of seeing her. Well, I see how her health decline and how she became bed-ridden due to her ailments.

Now, that she’s already resting in the presence of Christ, she will rest assured of my prayers.

p.s. please also include her in your prayers. Thanks.

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