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Friday, March 14, 2008

Closing the eyes…

Well, I somehow learned the effect of closing our eyes. The other day, I got tired of our regular day run and being exposed to so much pressure, responsibilities, and little difficulties, while facing my computer, thinking to have a new write-up, I shut my eyes for a while, but suddenly I fell into a sleep. A friend just woke me up then said, “kung pagod ka na, magpahinga na.” (If you’re tired already, take some rest.) By then, I already realized how tired I was and really wanting to get out of this world for a while to breath some air, but I just cannot do it. And so as, how did the closing of my eyes help to be out of this world for a while, aside that I fell a sleep, it really helps. While closing my eyes, I realized that I didn’t see the things I don’t want, for example is the pile of computer works I have to do, and also I didn’t see the things I wanted. During those times, that I had my eyes shut, I just saw darkness in me that when that friend of mine woke me up, I went back to the real world. It, closing of the eyes, really works especially when you’re getting stressed already of so much work. Hay, I really felt good after that I closed my eyes, even for those moments.

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