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Friday, June 22, 2007

Options, Options, Options

We are living in a world full of options, of choosing what the best among others is.

A priest narrated this story in his homily, but the story is in the Filipino context:

Isang gabi inutusan ni tatay si Juan na bumili ng softdrinks.

Juan: ‘tay ano po Royal, Sprite o Coke?

Tay: Coke na lang!

Juan: In can o in bottle?

Tay: in bottle!

Juan: 8-ounce o 12 ounce?

Tay: 12 ounce na lang.

Juan: Cold or not?

Tay: Niloloko mo ba ko? Bilisan mo! Kahit ano na lang, kundi papaluin kita.

Juan: Tay, ano po walis o sinturon?

See how this world is full of options, even in beverages you have many to choose from. Among network providers for cell phone there is Smart, Globe and there is Suncell. And it’s a world really full of options.

Even children nowadays know how to choose from many options. They only think that it must satisfy their taste or give the fulfillments and joy. But as they choose in that king of thinking they’re only choosing not the best but rather the worst for them. They only think about the things that give them joy and suit their satisfaction.

And what are the parents doing? They are unaware of it, and let’s the children do what he or she wants to do. But they must guide their children in choosing. They must show them how to choose wisely and choose what is right. So the children will be able to choose the best and not the worst.

Yes! We are living in a choosy world, where choosing must be made daily. But as we choose, let us think if we will benefit from those we choose. And when we choose, let us choose only the best: that not only satisfies us, but also makes us content about what we chose.

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