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Friday, June 22, 2007


11 YOUNG GUYS have met in 1 PLACE and chose to take a path and all of them take the same path – THE PATH OF RELIGIOUS LIFE. It was really a lonely walk at the beginning but as we continue the journey, we became friends and even to the extent of treating one another as BROTHERS. And in our journey, QUARRELS do occur. But the only thing that is always present in our journey is HAPPINESS which makes the journey easy.

But like all journeys, some chose to STOP WALKING and some already chose A NEW PATH TO TAKE. It was really hard to move on if you see one of your companion stop and tells you that he don’t want to continue anymore. But although some does not want to continue it anymore, THERE ARE STILL SOME OF THEM WHO CONTINUE TO TAKE ON THE JOURNEY.

Now, after 2 years of embarking this journey, there are still 8 GUYS who chose to continue the journey that will sure bring them to GOD, even with the hardships they experienced on the way – the rocky roads, the steep roads, quarrels and doubts. They still HOLD-ON to each other to continues this journey and mostly they always HOLD-ON to GOD for someday, they will finish that journey.

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kawaii said...

I really like your blog...especially the message of this one...i want you to continue your journey no matter how many trials that comes your way just always remember that everything has its own purpose...don't step back and run because of your fear of not solving the trials neither nor just move two steps forward with chin up in facing it...Just always bare it into your mind that your there not because of just having a different kind of journey but for the reason of fulfilling the God's calling to you...and that's to preach and serve the Lord our God...