... this world. The world that has been a big treasure chest for me. A treasure chest filled with all things inside, either be good or bad, either useful or useless. And in this blog, I will talk about them, tackle them and write about them from my own understanding and perspective... hope you'll like it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Poet in Me

The sole survivor

Ended up on this deserted place,
got no person and a place to go,
i feel alone,
haunted by misery,
thinking 'would I survive such a place?'
knowing, I'm the only survivor from that ruined race...

It's all our fault

I see how it fall,
But I've seen it on its glory,
I've seen how it was better,
Now, it's on its worst.

We all live there,
We all do,
some would care, some just don't
some would fight for it, but some let it die.

Now it dies, and so are we,
Lost on this vast galaxy,
we end up no place to go,
no to place to live,
now we are challenged to live on this,
how long are we going to take this?

It's all our fault,
our carelessness and less-concern,
on the mother who provided us much.
We became greedy and not-minded her need,
Now she takes revenge as she perish.
It's all our fault.

The step down

The little imp I have in me,
who bothers and lead me to sin,
now, I take the courage to put it down,
giving it a giant step,
to crush such foolishness and fore go the devilish me.

As I give this imp a crushing step,
I promise to crush the evil in me,
and now, I crush it,
to end the evil in me.

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