... this world. The world that has been a big treasure chest for me. A treasure chest filled with all things inside, either be good or bad, either useful or useless. And in this blog, I will talk about them, tackle them and write about them from my own understanding and perspective... hope you'll like it.

Monday, March 2, 2009


My first entry to the Writer's Block group challenge, Challenge 57:


a burden for a heart that cries,
a broken love that never dies.
things that shouldn't be recalled,
ends up with miseries on it's toll.

broken heart's heavy package,
thing shouldn't be open for ages,
and be forgotten for ever,
and be left to the old man's chest.

but pain is a real hurt,
something that should not be talked about,
but will help you gain a lot,
and with it, lessons you'll learn.

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