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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At last...

After a long time of prayer, discernment and consultations to my formators and other people who are involve in my formation, I have passed my application letter already, yesterday, during the commemoration mass of Mary Help of Christians. It was really an awaited experience for me, since I’m going to renew my commitment for this vocation, the journey I wish to take for the rest of my life.

As I reflect upon what happened yesterday, I know I was so nervous because of my decision. But I also felt happiness and contentment from within me, since that was what I really wanted to do and I expressed it through that letter. As I reminisced, I have written the draft of that letter for so many times and even up to the last day before the submission, I’m still doubtful of my decision, but I know I have the right one. As I pass that letter, yesterday, I’m still praying to God hoping that I’ve made the right decision and that decision would be in-line to His. Now, I’m praying and waiting for the result of it. Hope it’s good.

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