... this world. The world that has been a big treasure chest for me. A treasure chest filled with all things inside, either be good or bad, either useful or useless. And in this blog, I will talk about them, tackle them and write about them from my own understanding and perspective... hope you'll like it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I just made these following quotes for some of my friends. And also for those who were visiting my site. I hope you'll like it. Thanks. (If you already know some of them or heard some of them, sorry but I did not copy it.)

" Our life is like an empty canvass that we fill with the colors from our experiences."

" Always put God at the center of your life." (my personal motto)

" Silence will help you hear the noises in your heart."

" A friend is someone who hurt you always but love you most."

" As you walk through this journey called LIFE, always look to the Future, face the Present and treasure the Past."

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