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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Changing my Multiply Theme

I was browsing the web this day when I thought of doing some changes to my multiply site. So I started with the simple themes suggested from the site but was not satisfied by any of them, then I went to this site, customizedthemes.multiply.com, to check for some themes that will be able to suit my taste, so I found this theme (check my site). I chose it because it reflects my child-like imagery of myself. The playful, the curious, the jolly and silent part of me.
Also, I chose this theme because I was fond of Detective Conan, the young detective who was transformed into a child by some goons who were afraid of him. And so, the color Blue, it is one of my favorite colors aside from red, white and black, that's why I made the choice of picking this one which really goes inside me.
Thanks and Enjoy your visit.

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