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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A good shepherd

Last Monday, Bro. Jun, sdb called me and Ronel for there was a lost lamb in front of their house (The Salesian's Residence). He told us to help him to bring back that lamb to its herd. So what Ronel and I did is to get that lamb and carry it. Then, I was the one to be able to caught it and carry it. While I was carrying it, Bro. Jun and Ronel lead the way. We went to the place of Tatang Jess, the school farmer, thinking that the herd but he was not there. Good thing, Boni was there so he told us that the herd was in the football field near that area. So, we went there and lead that little lamb back to its herd. Since, I was carrying it; I was the one who was privileged to carry it back to its herd. Then we left with such gladness because we were able to help a creature of God, even though we were late for dinner.

After, what happened, Ronel started calling me a good shepherd who looks and carries his lost sheep. Then I thought of Jesus who really was the GOOD SHEPHERD who did the same for every one of us.

That event was really inspiring and very helpful for reflection for me, who is aspiring to be like a good shepherd like our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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