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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Badly in love

I’m badly in love right now. With whom? Sorry, it’s not with a person, but rather with what. Right now, I say that I am badly in love with writing. Yes! I am badly in love with writing, for this hobby of mine is transformed into a passion.

Before, writing, for me was just a simple compliance to some requirements given by our teachers for some particular subjects, such as Filipino and English. It was a task that I should do in order to pass the subject. But time passed, and from compliance, it developed into a hobby. Writing became my simple manner to express myself, to have such thoughts of mine be a work of art and be persevered for life.

As I recall, I started writing in our native language, Filipino. I began with poems; free verse or haiku. Then poems became essays, and all the more, stories. But, all of it was in the context of compliance to the requirements and assignments for some subject matters. I still remember that when I’m done with one, I’ll read it to my self and submit it. But, it does not give me any contentment. Then, without the idea of writing for compliance, I made one for my self, with our language, and when I was done with it, I read it by myself. That time, I felt fulfillment and contentment from within me, brought by this work of mine. Then, I continued writing in our language, and soon on our secondary language, English. I realized that there is much more to develop in myself, in terms of the skill, I still have to do more. So, I hone the skill, not contented with what I am right now, I continue to write, ask the help of others, mostly their comment and corrections on my work, and re-write my work . It is then that this hobby of writing becomes a passion with in me. I realized it when there came some time that thoughts stream through my mind, when hunger for paper and pen came and the desire to have those thoughts preserved for eternity also follows.

As this passion grows, the love and desire to develop myself also grows and I promise to myself that I will write, and will always write to express what’s within me.

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